Check Out Our new Ford Incentives Here at Art Hill Ford!

Before you schedule a test drive, or take the next steps toward financing or leasing your next Ford, you should check it or new manufacturer incentives at Art Hill Ford to learn how you may save here in Merrillville, IN. Financing through our dealership offers shoppers like you an alternative to purchasing a vehicle with cold, hard cash as you would with ordinary groceries or appliances. While Ford prides itself on reaching the masses with its vehicles, very few customers consider purchasing a vehicle wholesale, which is why auto loan and lease solutions exist to streamline costs into several monthly installments. In order to make these options more appealing, the Ford Motor Company issues national incentives for drivers throughout the country to enjoy, while we extend savings in Merrillville, IN through our regional incentives. Check out the ways you might save on your next new Ford, then come see us here at Art Hill Ford on West Lincoln Hwy, less than 15 minutes outside Crown Point.

To Lease or To Buy?

Many drivers might remain unsure as to which financing plan best fits their needs and their budget. Fortunately, we want drivers all throughout Indiana to feel total satisfaction in their chosen Ford car and their chosen financing arrangement. Let us tell you some of the pros and cons of both financing and leasing.


We recommend financing through an auto loan to customers, in Merrillville or Schererville, who found that one Ford F-150 or Ford Mustang model they want to call their own. When you finance, you work towards ownership by paying off the total cost of the vehicle at several monthly installments worked out through a bank or lending institution we work with around the Merrillville area. Auto loans help build equity, making them a beneficial choice for shoppers suffering from credit issues due to previous debts. In an auto loan, you will find no restrictions on mileage or modifications, as long as you meet monthly payment requirements. Best of all, once you pay off the loan, you may own the car for as long as you like!

The two biggest disadvantages to financing, which customers mention to us, come from monthly payments and sometimes repair costs. If you plan on financing, the factory-issued warranties from Ford will expire, leading to more out-of-pocket costs at then service center. However, in addition to regional incentives, our service center also provides coupons for maintenance and repairs.


Folks may choose a lease agreement if they have short-term goals in mind as most lease agreements tend to last around 36 months or so. Your short-term payments tend to remain low as leasing costs only cover a percentage of the vehicle and its overall worth. Throughout the duration of your lease agreement, your Ford will also remain covered under its factory-issued warranties making any repairs needed accessible and convenient. Once the lease contract comes to an end, you simply return the Ford and begin a new lease, fast and simple.

However, in a lease agreement, you run into a few caveats. Leasing presents a great choice to drivers in cities like Gary, IN with shorter commutes, but often feature restrictions on total miles you may put on the vehicle's odometer. Most lease agreements prohibit customizations to the vehicle and potential lessees should have a higher credit score to avoid security deposits.

Test Drive a New Ford Today

Feel free to explore each financing option to determine which seems better for your needs. No matter which you choose, you will find a great deal of savings to enjoy though our regional incentives here at Art Hill Ford in Merrillville, IN. Check out our new Ford inventory and schedule a test drive today while supplies and specials last! You will find our dealership located less than 45 minutes outside of Valparaiso. Come see us today!