Spring Has Sprung -- It's a Great Time for Ford Service Here in Merrillville, IN -- What Do We Recommend?

You may be a capable do-it-yourselfer or planning to bring your new car or truck into our Ford service center in Merrillville for a visit. Either way, now that the warmer months are headed our way, there's some basic yet important car care you'll need to take care of. What it is varies, to be sure, depending in part on the mileage you've racked up and the kind of driving that you do, but there are some necessities regardless. Here are a few pieces of advice from the auto service experts here at Art Hill Ford Lincoln.

Flush and change your motor oil and replace your engine's oil filter.

This is one of the simplest ways to keep your engine functioning properly and at optimal efficiency. Have you taken care of both, and yet, you're still leaving behind oil spots or a slick after pulling out of your driveway in Schererville or that parking spot in Valparaiso? You may have a crack or leak in the line. You'll need to patch up post haste.

Check and maintain your fluid levels.

Take a look at every system's complement, from your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids to your windshield washer solution and coolant network. If liquids are low, top them off. If your owner's manual says you should flush and replace, feel free. Be aware, though: power steering, brake, and coolant systems are closed. Therefore, a low level could mean a leak somewhere. You'll want to find and repair it on the double.

Take care of windshield issues and replace problematic wiper blades.

Believe it or not, a chip in your glass or a crack can adversely affect everything from how your airbags and seatbelts work to roof stability during a collision. How clear your view is, in a sense, pales in comparison. Moreover, torn, cracked, streaky, or wipers often indicate an eventual breakdown. Make any repairs or changes as soon as possible.

Do an electrical system and battery charge check.

Batteries last about four to six years, but they can run down or quit without much warning. Test the voltage of yours. If it's low or just plain dead, swap out the old for a new battery. Check your cabin and head, tail, brake, and daytime running lighting while you're at it. Other electrical issues, if you've got them, can range from blown fuses to dead bulbs, but even worse, issues can come up where they're even harder to find. That's a job for a service center with professional car repair technicians like ours.

There's plenty more you can do, too, right in Gary or Crown Point, from examining your belts and hoses to "penny-testing" your tires and more. Of course, if you'd prefer that a Ford service department like ours here in Merrillville figure out your needs and handle it all for you, we'll be glad to. Bring your vehicle to our dealership here at 901 West Lincoln Highway to get a complete inspection, for starters. We'll diagnose and determine fixes for any problems that we find. Plus, we take care of business using only genuine Ford and OEM-approved auto parts and accessories, so you can rest assured that the results will be top-notch.

Looking to schedule a service appointment? You can use our convenient Web scheduling tool, or, if you'd prefer to get more advice or talk shop on auto repair, you can also call us or drop by. We look forward to helping you get back on the road in no time!

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